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Lidio Takayama

Message from director

The world is going through profound changes. New technologies and fantastic applications arise at each moment. However, the Spectrophotometry will be still one of the most important tools, for easy of use, robustness of analytical methods and lower cost.

With the launch of Cirrus Spectrophotometers line, FEMTO is pleased to show a new vision of business and compete in the international market.

Lidio Takayama

Technological developments

1º - First models


First spectrophotometer models, 482 UV-VIS , single beam, no scanning, produced by FEMTO. It was widely used by pharmaceutical industry and cosmetics, food industry like coffee, natural dyes, beer and universities and research centers.

The set of 432, 432C, 435 Spectrophotometers was widely used in soils laboratories, water and waste water, sugar and alcohol industry, soft drink industries and they are in full operation. These models were successful by stability, robustness, simplicity and low cost.

2º - NIR 900PLS Spectrophotometer

NIR 900PLS Spectrophotometer

1995 with success of sales of UV-VIS spectrophotometers, with own resources, starting of development of NIR 900 PLS Near Infrared Spectrophotometer, first of its kind produced in Latin America.

The optical-mechanical-electronic project is fully Brazilian, based on monochromator with diffraction grating including chemometrics software.

3º - Spectrophotometer


The objective of the launching of 600S/600Plus and 700S/700Plus spectrophotometer in 2000 was to product equipments with the maximum robustness and simplicity, so that lighting system had lenses not mirrors, avoiding risk of decomposition.

4º - SWS100 Spectrophotometric Work Station

SWS100 Spectrophotometric Work Station

SWS100 Spectrophotometric Work Station is intended for automation of chemical analysis.

Launched in 2001, it is an example of university-company interaction, where the knowledge acquired in particularly Brazilian universities and research centers, involving techniques of FIA, SIA and Batch associated with automation were transformed into an innovative commercial product.

5º - 800XI Spectrophotometer

800XI Spectrophotometer

The first UV-VIS scanning spectrophotometer fully Brazilian was the 800 XI Spectrophotometer, offered in the market from 2004.



CIRRUS is one of most complete line of UV-VIS spectrophotometers, with accessories and software to facilitate the routines for each segment and application.

CIRRUS follows the modern trend of equipments that operate with lower consumption of samples and reagents providing economy, less aggression to the environment and more sustainability. That is why we attach the green label!

Cirrus is the first Brazilian stand alone UV-VIS scanning spectrophotometer. It is a very successful example of university-company interaction.

7º - Automation - STRATUS Line

Automação Analítica STRATUS

STRATUS line is composed of several devices specially designed for the purpose of automating the chemical analyzes. Initially offered robotic platforms are specially designed to mechanize the routine soil fertility laboratories.

Automates the step of "extracting" dispensing a volume up to 50 mL in trays with 30 samples in 90 seconds; the liquid transfer from "extraction tray" for "reaction tray", dilution or addition of reagents; automated preparation of samples that need colorimetric reaction; reading of Absorbance on line, calculation of the final concentration, and results are sent to a PC.

Automação Analítica STRATUS

Simple to operate! Standardizes procedures! Lower cost per analysis!
Product developed with the FEMTO reliability!
Brazilian industry since 1988!

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