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Lidio Takayama

Message from director

Femto is pleased to announce the launch of robotic line of spectrophotometers and preparers of samples STRATUS.

Stratus line, identified by letters in green and yellow highlight, comes to meet the challenges of increasing productivity, improves quality, streamlines the issuing of results, and dramatically reduces costs of laboratories.

The choice by integrating cheap and robust sample preparation equipment, robotics, automation of analyzes, is the best way to the future.

Lidio Takayama


FEMTO founded in 1988 was based on the initial knowledge acquired from its founder in the Optics Group of extinct “Funbec” in University City of São Paulo University in 1973.

To leave record in the history of Brazilian analytical instrumentation, in the page Products, FEMTO adds a new page to his achievements with STRATUS line, now including analytic mechanization and automation.

The robotic Stratus line dedicated models are pre-programmed at the factory for each application, unlike the extinct “SWS 100” open to programming. Few are willing to develop their programs. Nowadays most people want something done!

Stratus line is composed of several devices specially developed for the purpose of automating the chemical analyzes such as injectors of 10-21 doors, syringe-type pump of 5 uL to 50 mL, monochromators compact assembly Ebert-Fastie having 1 to 15 cuvettes with automatic control, with control of temperature or not, accurate samplers XYZ, high speed, etc...

Initially, applications are analyzes for soil and enzyme. We believe that soon new models for analysis of dextran, sulfite, and starch sugar production will be available.

The feeling when launching the STRATUS line is: we hit!

Protótipo de um espectrofotômetro UV-VIS monocromador Czerny-Turner

Highlighted the photo of a prototype of a UV-VIS spectrophotometer, Czerny-Turner monochromator, with variable bandwidth and slits,in construction in 1975.


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