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Cirrus 60 ST SPECTROPHOTOMETER - Double beam, Ultra micro volume!

It means green chemistry! Lower volume of waste!


  • Double beam with sample and reference cells simultaneously;
  • Compatible with ultra micro volume 50 µL cell 10 mm path length or standards 10 mm cell;
  • Double temperature control by Peltier for sample and reference cells optional;
  • LOW COST! Compact. Better cost benefit of market;
  • STAND ALONE! Requires no extra space or extra cost with PC;
  • SUSTAINABILITY! It means reduction of sample volume and reagents and lower cost of waste material treatment. It means green chemistry!
Double cell holder

Double cell holder


Stability and repeatability!

Measurements of sample and reference simultaneously allow your work started with high stability immediately after to connect the analyzer.

Descriptive Summary

VIS 325 to 1100 nm Spectrophotometer, double beam with sample and reference cells simultaneously, with attached printer.



  • Measurements of kinetics of enzymes, involving reduced sample and substrate volumes, 50 µL for 10 mm path length.
  • Multi wavelength: Abs ratio, Abs difference with 2 or 3 wavelength.
  • Standard curve: simple linear regression, polynomial equation of third degree.

Cell biology: Bacteria cell growth at 600 nm;

General use.

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