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Cirrus 80 MB SPECTROPHOTOMETER - “The dual independent beam spectrophotometer”


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The light leaving the monochromator is split as a double beam. However each beam acts independently, as if each beam were alone a single beam spectrophotometer, to monitor the two separate cells, one for drops and the other for 10mm path length cell, selecting via keyboard! Very practical and functional!


Just a 3 µL drop! For instance: samples of nucleic acids or proteins. Without exchange any accessory, you can also measure cell density with standard cells of 10mm path length. Also:

  • Stand alone;
  • It requires no extra space or extra cost with PC;
  • Continuous wavelength scanning from 190 to 1100 nm;
  • Attached graphic printer.
10 mm cell holder

10 mm cell holder

Cell holder for DNA samples

Cell holder for DNA samples


Stability and repeatability!

Do a simple test: measure 20 times the same samples (or distilled water), note the corresponding measurements of spectrophotometers, calculate the standard deviation and see the difference! Acquiring the quartz ultra micro 50 µL cell of 10 mm path length, you save precious samples and difficult to obtain!

CIRRUS 80MB Spectrophotometer means sustainability! It means reduction of sample volume and reagents. And lower cost of waste material treatment. It means green chemistry!

UV-VIS Spectrophotometer


UV-VIS 190 to 1.100 nm Spectrophotometer, with two independent light beams selected via keyboard, for 3 µL samples without dilution in the first beam, and a second beam for 10 mm path length cells. Attached quartz 0,2 mm path length cell and graphic printer.


Molecular biology:

  • Parameters for DNA,RNA and oligonucleotide :quantification and purity of nucleic acids;
  • Determination of protein: Bradford, Lowry, BCA, Biuret and UV methods;
  • Multi wavelength: Abs ratio, Abs difference with 2 or 3 wavelengths;
  • Standard curve: simple linear regression, polynomial equation of third degree.

Biochemistry: Measurements of kinetics of enzymes.

Cell biology: Bacteria cell growth at 600 nm or any other wavelength can be programmed.

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