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Cirrus 60 SA SPECTROPHOTOMETER - Present in sugar mills and distilleries

Independent double beam / MOPS methodology | 10, 40 and 100mm cells / Without exchange of accessories.


Two independents channels, one with 10 to 50 mm cells for sugar color (ICUMSA), water or soils, and another with 100 mm cells for dextran or refined sugar, without exchange of accessories. Cirrus 60SA is high resolution, only 2 nm, wavelength scanning, graphical display and attached printer. Program for sugar color, MOPS method, updated as ICUMSA 2005.

Sample compartment

Sample compartment


Dynamize the laboratory routine!

It is common to find in sugar mills laboratories two spectrophotometers where samples are analyzed with 10, 40 and 100 mm path length cells. Not always the use of these cells is compatible in a single spectrophotometer and when it is possible, it is not practical changing accessories to each use. Time is lost, screws, etc. Acquiring the Cirrus 60 SA you will not have these problems!

Greater traceability of your analysis: every measurement of Cirrus 60 SA you can print the date, time.

Descriptive Summary

Scanning VIS Spectrophotometer, 325 to 1100nm, double beam, with 10, 40 and 100mm cells, without exchange of accessories and attached graphic printer.


Refined sugar color, demerara sugar color, dextran, boiler waters, etas waters, soils and plants.

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